Weltmeister Laegreid siegt in Östersund

The world champion over 20 km Individual, Sturla Holm Laegreid is also in the first race of the season not to be defeated, hits all twenty shots on target, and also puts his stamp on the new season. Unimpressed by the performance in the preparation, he did not show any nerves in any part of the race. He was very concentrated both at the shooting range and on the ski and won ahead of his teammate and veteran Tarje Boe, who was given two penalty minutes and relegated the very strong Simon Desthieux to third place with also two penalty minutes.

For the big co-favorite Johannes Thingnes Boe it was enough to finish fifth. A decent performance was achieved by Sivert Bakken, who was preferred to Erlend Bjoentegaard, delivered a zero and more than confirmed his nomination with sixth place.
Vetle Christiansen bis zum letzten Schießen noch sehr gut im Rennen leistete sich drei Fehlschüsse und wurde siebzehnter.
Quentin Fillon Mailett didn't really get into the race but managed to finish eighth with three misses, Fabien Claude was eleventh. The conclusion of the race is that the performance of Sturla Holm Laegreid from the previous year was not a flash in the pan and that he can be counted on again in the Olympic season.
Results 20 km Individual Men Östersund:
1. Sturla Holm Laegreid, NOR        51.04,0 Min.
2. Tarjei Boe, NOR                           + 59,2 Sek.
3. Simon Desthieux, FRA                + 1.00,6 Min.
5. JTB, NOR                                      + 1.28,5 MIn.
6. Sivert  Bakken, NOR                    + 1.29,4 Min.
8. Quentin Fillon Mailett, FRA         + 2.07,01 Min.
11. Fabien Claude, FRA                    + 2.30,9 Min.
Statement Sturla Holm Laegreid: "I am very satisfied with my performance today and I have decided to be very concentrated at the shooting range, because I knew that I would have only one chance in the shooting, because I still have to improve my running performance.
Meine Eltern waren heute im Stadion und ich hoffe, ich habe ihnen heute mit meinem Sieg etwas Freude bereiten können.“
Statement Tarjei Boe: "I can't complain about my performance today and I am very satisfied. With one mistake less I could have even won. The result is okay like that."
Statement Simon Desthieux: “Ein Podestplatz gleich zu Beginn einer neuen Saison ist sehr erfreulich. Mein zweiter Schießfehler war unnötig, da wollte ich zuviel und hätte lieber etwas geduldiger sein sollen. Das Resultat passt.“
Photo:K.Voigt Photography
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