Season Opening der Biathleten in Sjusoen

After a one-year break from Corona, the international elite of biathletes will meet in Norway this week. Three weeks before the actual start of the World Cup in Östersund, the so-called dress rehearsal will take place in the ski stadium of Sjusjoen on three competition days.

In optimal conditions, the first snow has already fallen and top prepared track will be among others the nations from Norway (The A and B team), France, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Estonia at the start. The field of participants will also be supplemented with biathletes from the strong national team Mesterbakeren from Lillehammer, which in the past has led athletes such as Vetle Christiansen, Erlend Bjontegaard or not least Johannes Dale to the top of the world.

Parallel to Sjusjoen, several other teams such as Sweden, Italy and Finland are preparing for the start of the World Cup in Idre, Sweden. You can look forward to exciting duels between the two top teams from last winter from Norway and France. The DSV men are currently preparing in Munio, the DSV women are once again pitching their tents in Obertilliach this weekend. The first World Cup race will be held on November 27 in Östersund in the women's individual race over 15 km. Until then, the world's elite will continue to prepare on cross-country skis and work on the final touches on snow.


I'm glad that it's finally starting now. I had a good summer and I'm in a good mood at the moment. Especially here in my home country (Lillehammer) my family and some friends will support me. I had a great season last year and it will be hard for me to top this. But I will give everything again, because my biggest wish is an Olympic medal." Sturla Holm Laegreid


Let's get ready to rumble. I can hardly wait for the World Cup to start again and I'm looking forward to the opening here almost on my doorstep. Physically, I'm in good shape, my running performance is also impressive and I've also improved my standing shooting. I am very excited about what the upcoming season will bring." John Dale

Foto Titel: Biathlon Start in Sjusjoen Foto: K.Voigt Fotografie


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