Kühn with first World Cup victory

Hochfilzen. After a furious final lap Johannes Kühn surprisingly gave the German biathletes the first victory of the Olympic winter in the 10 km men's sprint in Hochfilzen. The 30-year-old from Reit im Winkl won ahead of Sweden's Martin Ponsiluoma. Kühn had to ski one penalty loop over the ten kilometers and with a final time of 26.05,0 minutes he was 14,3 seconds ahead of the Swede who also shot one miss. Anton Smolski from Belarus, who had no misses, surprisingly finished third in the Hochfilzen opener with a gap of 20.5 seconds.

In the races in Östersund Kühn had already cracked the Olympic standard with places twelve and 14. The last World Cup victory of the German biathletes was celebrated by Arnd Peiffer in December 2020 also in Hochfilzen. Alexandr Loginov finished fourth, 22.0 seconds behind Tarje Boe. Quentin Fillon Mailett, who delivered a good running performance, finished seventh with two misses. Vetle Christiansen, the World Cup leader finished two places behind Sebastian Samuelsson in 16th place and thus continues to wear the yellow jersey in the chaser. Sturla Holm Laegreid still noticed his illness-related delay, he finished 20th. Johannes Thingnes Boe's start in Pillerseetal went completely wrong. With three penalty laps and a gap of 1.14,1 min. he finished 30th.
Results 10 km men's sprint, Hochfilzen:
1. Johannes Kühn, GER          26.05,0 Min.
2. Martin Ponsiluoma, SWE   + 14,3 Sek.
3.Anton Smolski, BLR             + 20,5 Sek.
4. Alexandr Loginov, RUS       + 22,0 Sek.
5. Tarjei Boe, NOR                    + 23,0 Sek.
7. Quentin Fillon Mailett,FRA   + 24,9 Sek.
15. Fabien Claude, FRA          + 51,8 Sek.
16. Vetle Christiansen, NOR     + 52,1 Sek.
20. Sturla Holm Laegreid, NOR + 56,2 Sek.
Statement: Johannes Kühn:" I was very satisfied with my running and shooting performance today, especially in the final lap.I think I sold myself quite well today, and I am looking forward to the chaser."
Statement Tarjei Boe:" The mistake was unnecessary, but now I am hot for the pursuit."
Statement Quentin Fillon Mailett:" The race was OK today, I will step on the gas a little more in the pursuit."
Statement Vetle Christiansen:" Now I know what it's like to be the hunted in the World Cup, and I'm happy to be able to start in the yellow jersey in the pursuit race as well."
Pictures: K. Voigt Fotografie
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