Johannes Thingnes Boe wins the City Biathlon in Wiesbaden

In Wiesbaden the City Biathlon was allowed to take place again with spectators

At hot temperatures the City Biathlon in Wiesbaden took place today with hygiene concept and spectators. In front of the beautiful scenery at the Kurhaus in the city center not only professional athletes were allowed to start but also the biathlon youngsters in a single mixed competition in the Youngster Challenge. 

The women's final was won by the Italian Dorothea Wierer

In the qualification Doro Wierer finished fourth behind Ingrid Tandrevold, Julia Simon and Marketa Davidova and fought her way to the top in the final and secured victory in the women's race with a fast shooting and seven reloads. Julia Simon from France successfully defended her second place from the qualification. Third place went to Marketa Davidova from Czech Republic. The winner of the qualification Ingrid Tandrevold didn't find her rhythm in shooting and had to accept 30 penalty seconds in the last shooting because of too many reloads. In the end she finished sixth behind Yuliia Dzhima and Monika Hojnisz-Starega. Lena Haecki from Switzerland finished seventh ahead of the two German athletes Janina Hettich and Vanessa Voigt, who was the youngest athlete competing in the City Biathlon for the first time. 

In the men's final Johannes Thninges Boe was not to be beaten

In the qualification he finished a few tenths behind his brother Tarjei Boe. In the final the Norwegian convinced with a good and fast shooting as well as a fast performance on the course which led from the Kurhaus over the Kurpark and back to the shooting range. Unlucky was definitely Tarjei Boe after the last shooting and the older brother of Johannes was on a good second place and everything looked like that the two would win a family victory. But then it happened for the second time on the track: The Norwegian lost his roller ski in the sliding phase, hit the asphalt with his boots and fell lengthwise on the hard asphalt. The first time the roller ski could be changed and Tarjei fought his way back to the front. But on the second fall he had no chance and had to walk the rest of the way to the finish area. Fortunately, the exceptional biathlete only suffered abrasions on his legs and abdomen, but no major injuries. Tarjei Boe's bad luck was the good luck for his fellow competitors. In the end Siad Kirmulla Khalili from Russia finished second, ahead of Lukas Hofer from Italy. DSV biathlete Roman Rees fought his way to fourth place, ahead of Dmytro Pidruchnyi from Ukraine and Jakov Fak from Slovenia. Seventh and eighth place went to the two Germans Philipp Nawrath and Erik Lesser, who had no luck at the shooting range in Wiesbaden. 


In the Youngster Team Challenge Austria (Gandler/Postl) won ahead of France (Michelon/Garcia) and Team Germany (Mueller/Lodl). Thus, an exciting day of competition in Wiesbaden, after a long time again with spectators and top-class duels comes to an end. 


Voices from the athletes

Dorothea Wierer, winner women:

It was fun to finally compete in an international competition again and with spectators along the course cheering us, that was fantastic. 

Johannes Thingnes Boe, winner men:

It was an exhausting day for us, with the early arrival and the heat on the track. I am happy about my victory with this crowd of spectators. Unfortunately it didn't go so well for Tarjei, he had lost his roller ski. That can happen when the binding is not set tight enough. We have to optimize that, sometimes we have already tied cable ties around the roller ski and the boot so that it can't come off.


Picture: K. Voigt Fotografie

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