Good to know: Sturla Laegreid

The Norwegian Sturla Laegreid has already been so close to the big crystal globe twice, so his big goal for this year is to win the overall World Cup.

How did you start with biathlon, did you do any other sports before that?

No, when I was younger I did many different sports like soccer, cross-country skiing, orienteering and also biathlon when I was about ten years old. But when I was 16, I decided that I only wanted to do biathlon because I realized that I had a talent for it. That's why I shot with a rifle for the first time quite early.

What are your goals for next season?

My goal is always to be a bit better than last year. Now I've been number two in the world two times in a row, so my goal for this year is clearly the big crystal globe.

How was your summer?

My summer was quite ok. I participated in the Norwegian Championships and Blink Festival and in total I had two podiums. I am not the best roller skier so these results are great for me.


Fotos: K.Voigt Fotografie

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