Good to know: Julia Simon

Julia Simon has had a highly successful start to the winter season. She is currently leading the overall World Cup and has already achieved several top placings and victories. In the interview we talked to Julia about her summer and what she is looking forward to most in the winter.

How did you spend the summer this year?
I took a vacation right after the season, like all athletes. I also like to get together with my friends and do activities that I don't have time for in the winter. For example, woodworking, which is my other passion, besides biathlon. I made some simple things at home this summer, like a small table or something like that. So, nothing that crazy.

Which athletes from other nations are you most looking forward to seeing in winter and why?
Good Question. We already trained in Norway this summer, so we met the Norwegian girls there, that was great. Actually, I'm looking forward to meeting all the athletes from the Biathlon family. What I'm especially looking forward to is the reunion with Quentin in the winter. He won almost everything last winter and I'm excited to see how he handles the pressure this winter and if he will start the season as strong again.

Which three features in a racing glove are most important to you?
- The fit
- The thermal performance
- The grip in the palm

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