Good to know: Caroline Colombo

Young Frenchwoman Caroline Colombo joined the KinetiXx team this summer and has big plans for the upcoming Biathlon World Cup.

Welcome to the KinetiXx Team! How did you decide to switch to KinetiXx gloves?

I tested the gloves last winter and they fit me very well. I like the grip of the gloves and I freeze quickly on the hands, so the warmer models are perfect for me.

How did you get into biathlon?

I was still very young when I started biathlon. I come from a small village where everyone skis, so it was quite normal that I started with cross-country skiing and then also biathlon. My brother also did biathlon, so it is a part of my family, I think.

Which biathlon discipline is your absolute strength and why?

I like to compete in direct comparison, as it is in the pursuit or the mass start. I think the mass start is still a bit better. I have never run a mass start in the World Cup, but I am looking forward to it and think it will be good.

Fotos: K.Voigt Fotografie

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